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"I say ‘that’s amazing!’ every time I’m adjusted. I say that many days, when my ease of movement is greater than I had ever hoped it could be (I almost cried the day I could touch both knees to the floor in my stretching exercises)…” - Thea G.

"Dr. Dent, in all of 30 minutes, did what 4 years of medical testing, specialists, and wasted money on drugs could not do…My blood pressure has become normal without medication!" - Phil M.

"My labor at 41 weeks was very fast and I had a natural, unmedicated, and relatively easy birth. I believe that the chiropractic care I received at Harbor Bay contributed to my birth experience. Regular postpartum adjustments have also helped to keep me feeling great and ready to meet the physical demands of caring for a newborn and a preschooler." - Julie D.

"My baby began chiropractic care with the present conditions of a tongue and lip tie.  She also had food intolerances, refused to breastfeed, colicky, abdominal pain, diarrhea, eczema, diaper rash and poor weight gain.  Lily’s results have been remarkable while under HBCC treatment.  She is happy and gaining weight again!  The difference in her health and disposition is truly remarkable.  We owe Dr. Stacey Dent a debt of gratitude!" 
- Shanna G.

“At the first start of treatment my child did not have any issues present.  I began chiropractic care for her as preventative routine treatment at birth. My child started to have issues with tummy time and the chiropractic treatment she received improved her condition immediately. I would definitely recommend Harbor Bay Chiropractic to anyone and I have already recommended HBCC to many friends.”
–Jaymie L.

"My husband & I went through many years of being unsuccessful in trying to conceive. After 2 more years and 2 failed attempts with IVF, we gave up on everything. I then started my prescribed chiropractic treatment plan, and slowly over the last 5 months started incorporating Dr. Dent’s other health suggestions and we recently found out we are expecting our first baby! There is no doubt in my mind that this happened because of the amazing care Dr. Dent provided in returning my body back to a balanced state. I can also attest to her adjustments helping me with pelvic pain I have been having during pregnancy & continuing to help well after birth! I will forever be grateful! - Sara E.

"I first came to see Dr. Dent because I was pregnant. Also, I have been dealing with stiff shoulders, a tight jaw & suffering with frequent headaches. The results I have received from the care with Dr. Dent have given me some relief from clenching my jaw and I even notice a positive change in my bite. My shoulders are more comfortable as well.

If I were asked to recommend Dr. Dent, I would say, “DO IT! CALL DR. DENT!  She is professional, friendly, and extremely good at what she does.”
-June C.

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“I have been headache free for more than 5 weeks, my knees no longer hurt, & I now can sleep at night.  I feel so much better in the morning.  I can walk and stand for longer periods without pain.  I am so very thankful every day that I decided to give Harbor Bay Chiropractic a try and really give the treatment plan a chance to work for me.” -Joanie S.

“I have not had chiropractic success on such a large scale as I have had with Dr. Stacey Dent. Her treatment is a whole body experience. Since I began seeing her when her practice opened, I have been pain free from back, hip, neck and knee pain!”

“As my fifteen year old son Alex says, ‘Dr. Stacey is a gift from God!’ NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!”
-Libby H.

“I found Dr. Dent during the second half of my pregnancy when severe hip pain limited my ability to walk to only 5 or 10 minutes at a time. My first adjustment was at 32 weeks and she adjusted my pubic bone. By the time I made it to my car, I was pain free for the first time in many, many weeks! Thank you Dr. Dent!”
-Tracy M.

"When I met Dr. Dent, it didn’t take me long to tell her I really did not do chiropractors but was there at the nudging of a friend. She smiled and said let’s just take a look and see if we can help you. The exam Dr. Dent did on me was more thorough than any exam I had ever had of my neck. I have been treated by Dr. Dent for almost a year now and must tell you I have not felt as good as I do now in many years. I have little to no neck pain, my range of motion is so much better and I generally feel better." -Margaret Ann P.

“Having left the care of a Navy chiropractor at a naval hospital in FL, the treatment made me feel good for about 2 hours but nothing had really changed in my condition long term & after moving the pain was getting worse. From the very first visit with Dr. Dent I felt better & after my C1 adjustment, it remained in place for a year before it had to be adjusted again & that was due to my not following orders. My back was in much worse condition & took some time to come around. But after all her hard work & following her plan, yes you have to do your part as well, I have lived the last 6 months with much more comfort in my life.” -Jack S.

“I was very impressed at HBCC. Dr. Dent was genuinely interested in helping me overcome my neck and headache issues. We began a treatment program the next week and the results have been way beyond my highest expectations. At best, I was hoping for some small reduction in the pain I was experiencing. In reality, my headaches have nearly disappeared and my neck pain has dissolved to only an occasional minor burning sensation.” -Todd K.

“When I began my treatment with Dr. Stacey Dent, I did not expect to experience such amazing care! The staff was very respectful and helpful, but most of all, I am forever indebted to Dr. Stacey for relieving my pain!”  -Nicole S.

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