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Inspire Family
Wellness Foundation

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IFWF is a 501(c)3 chiropractic charity in SOMD. Our aim is to spread the miracle of holistic healthcare. Our mission is to make chiropractic care accessible for our community and provide education on the benefits of chiropractic. We also want to expand chiropractic services for a population of people who would otherwise not be able to receive high quality chiropractic care.  Inspire Family Wellness Foundation allows us to provide free and sliding-scale chiropractic care for special populations including those with serious medical conditions, financial needs, veterans and our nation's first responders.  

Every dollar raised goes to patient care and expanding our capacity for community service. Dr. Dent looks forward to giving, loving and serving more, but we need your help! Call
301-373-3731 to find out how you can support our cause.


IFWF educates the community on natural health, wellness & the joy of
chiropractic through outreach events. 

"I became a chiropractor because I want to help people get well and stay well naturally.  
It's an honor to serve SOMD's community through both Harbor Bay Clinic and the
Inspire Family Wellness Foundation charity."

- Dr. Stacey Dent, D.C. (founder)

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