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What new addition are we HAPPY to announce!?

A note from Dr. Dent:

If you’ve all been wondering who’s been taking care of me, especially while I am expecting, you will all be very privileged to finally meet her! I have been so blessed to have Dr. Wilkening adjust me 2x/month for the past four years using the Activator Methods Technique. She most certainly helped contribute to my fantastic birthing time when Maddy was born, so I am lucky enough to have the same wonderful maternity care this time too. She is kind enough to be working in the office while I am on maternity leave late in the year. She will not be full time, so for most of you, we will be spreading out your regularly scheduled maintenance care until I get back into the office, although we will have tips on what to do if you are in a state of inflammation and a list of other practitioners who you can receive a healthy tune up from. We are lucky to have Dr. Wilkening with us and I know you will love her as much as I do!

Health and Blessings,

Dr. Stacey Dent, D.C., B.C.A.O.

”My Journey to Chiropractic Care”

It started when I was very young, on summer vacation visiting relatives in the Midwest. On occasion, I’d sleep very poorly and wake with my neck locked up so bad I wouldn’t feel up to the summertime activities I normally enjoyed. Often I couldn’t even turn my head. My Uncle was a Chiropractor and would tell me about the natural healing abilities of Chiropractic care. After a quick and gentle adjustment I felt as good-as-new. He went on to explain that Chiropractic care was not just for joint and muscle pain, but could help with conditions like indigestion and ear infections. My interest was piqued!

My trust in Chiropractic treatment was confirmed during the clinic portion of my schooling as I saw the seemingly miraculous improvements in my own clients from just a few adjustments. After a handful of sessions, one client’s husband boasted about his wife’s complete migraine relief after a 10 year battle, following a major motor cycle accident. I met another client, a concerned 13 year old girl, while doing health checks at a local middle school. She complained about chest pain and said her doctors had not diagnosed an exact cause. After a thorough examination I was able to give her and her worried parents a reason for her chest pain. She had developed scoliosis and through Chiropractic treatment we were able to relieve her pain and fears. For the past two decades, Chiropractic care has helped me feel and do my best. I’ve seen it help so many others too.

The power of Chiropractic really hit home, however, during my peaceful pregnancy and smooth delivery to my son. I attribute much of my text book delivery to the care and regular treatments I received by my Chiropractor here in Southern Maryland, Dr. Dent. We adjusted each other throughout our pregnancies so I was delighted to hear that her first delivery, just a few days after my son’s birth, went very well too.

I’m happy to be a part of Dr. Dent’s office during this exciting time for her and her family. I look forward to keeping each of you well-adjusted to ease any pain or movement dysfunctions that may be preventing you from being your very best.

-Dr. Julie Wilkening, D.C., CSCS

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