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Congratulations Tongue-Tie + Airway Center of SOMD!

We are so proud of Dr. Strouth, D.D.S. and Carrie Samora, RDH from Lexington Park Dentistry! This extraordinary team has created the much needed and greatly anticipated opening of an integrated practitioner center to help struggling babies and mamas in Southern Maryland. Dr. Dent's own family experience involved driving 2.5 hours away for her children's releases with zero followup and support at home. This is a monumental occasion and Dr. Dent is so excited to be a part of this beautiful team! Dr. Stacey Dent, D.C., Harbor Bay Clinic of Chiropractic will be offering chiropractic services to infants and toddlers only on Fridays in the new Leonardtown location. "It takes a village" is the perfect approach we are excited to offer families at TTAC. Other services provided are lactation and myofunctional therapy, as well as tongue tie consultations and releases. Dr. Dent cannot wait to be able to serve more young families in SOMD! Thank you for the collaboration! Please find a more complete list of services at Tongue-Tie + Airway Center of SOMD.


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