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Can't Nurse? Plan B.

Consult with your child’s pediatrician before you begin use of any new formula or supplement regimen. This article is for educational purposes only.

Chiropractic is HUGE for babies with latching issues, but sometimes circumstances arise that cause us to search for a formula to feed our babies. Here is a list that have more of a natural and whole foods based ingredient list. 1. HOMEMADE FORMULA from the Weston Price foundation. *If you cannot get raw or pasteurized goat's milk, goat kefir is also a good alternative. Articles about homemade. Kit for Homemade. 2. Baby's Only (dairy). x 3. Sammy's Milk. (CA STATE had banned due to high LEAD CONTENT in some batches. Do your research!) ​4. Holle Formula (Goat and dairy options).

5. Kabrita (Goat option). 6. Powdered Goat's Milk (These are NOT formulas.) Meyenberg. Terra's Way 7. Ripple. This is NOT a formula, but an interesting sub for cow's milk if your child is hooked on drinking dairy milk and not a fan of goat, camel, coconut, hemp, almond or cashew milk. It’s made out of pea protein.

Things to avoid:

*If possible try to avoid synthetic vitamins and corn syrups/solids & other variations, which are present in most commercial formulas. When available opt for organic & non-GMO ingredients. **If you or your child has an MTHFR or any other methylation pathway genetic snp’s, please avoid FOLIC ACID as it will make your child’s detoxification processes more difficult. Look for FOLATE OR METHYLATED vitamins in the ingredients list. Please ask your pediatrician if you need additional help or testing.